Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Printable Art

I love the subway art trend that has been everywhere in blog land lately. I have a few cheapo frames that I painted black and have been swapping out printables to fit the season. Here are a few photos of my mantle. I am still not happy with my decor stuff...need to work on that, but I love the printables. 

 The cute little hearts are from Less Cake More Frosting. She was even generous enough to do them in different color palettes. The traditional (which is the one I picked), hot pinks (really fun) and a very funky grey, black and yellow (which makes me think that I should be cooler and have those colors in my house...but if I were a trendier more contemporary version of me, I would...sadly I am not, but if you are you should definitely check it out). The subway art is from the girls at eighteen25. They also were fabulous enough to include many different color choices as well. Don't you just love creative people? I do....

I have heard tell that people download the prints to costco, walgreens, CVS, etc. and pick up a beautiful glossy print and proudly display it in their lovely well decorated homes. This is a great idea. However, if you are wildly impatient and in need of instant gratification (ahem...ME), then I can tell you that you can just as easily print these bad boys out on card stock and put them in your own frames that you have lying about and be just as happy. At least I think so...again I have never tried the fancier route. 

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